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Web Chat: Stay Safe Online: Mon 23rd May 4:30-5pm

Join us for a chat from 4:30pm on Monday 23rd May 2016.

Have you ever posted things online that you wish you hadn’t.  Have you ever thought about the fact that who people say they are might not be true.  Want to find out hints and tips for staying safe online? Feel like you’ve got some unanswered questions around dealing with a loss? Join this chat on Monday 23rd May 4:30pm – 5pm to get advice from a healthcare professional, connect with other young people, ask questions, find answers and discuss.

Remember all of the chats are completely anonymous, safe and secure, see our terms and conditions for more information.


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User has removed their details / 23 May 16:40

Hi welcome to the online web chat on online safety. So can anyone tell me how they manage to stay safe online...?

User has removed their details / 23 May 16:46

Keeping safe online is so important to protect yourself. It's important not to give out any personal details or put any photos online. If you don't want your parents or family members to see photos or information then don't upload things to the Internet. Be aware anything you put online can be viewed by anyone and used by anyone.

User has removed their details / 23 May 16:53

If you have a facebook account make sure the settings on are high privacy to protect yourself. Prevent from chatting to people online as you can never be certain who you are talking to.

This chat is now closed!

This chat is now closed, thanks for taking part.

Alternatively you could speak to your parent/carer, a trusted adult, member of school staff, your school nurse or doctor. If there is an emergency then please contact 999 or visit A&E.

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