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Webchat: Risky Behaviours Week1- Mon 14th Dec 4:30-5pm

Join us for a chat from 4:30pm on Monday 14th December 2015.

The Christmas holidays are approaching. Want to know about keeping yourself safe over the Christmas period? Join us for a chat on Monday 14th December 4:30pm – 5pm and connect with other young people, ask questions, find answers and discuss.

In order to post in our chat section you'll need to login or register some details first. Don't worry we wont display any personal information on the site, and you can choose an anonymous username.
JumpingBear / 14 Dec 16:26


RadioactiveHedgehog JumpingBear / 14 Dec 16:27


JumpingBear / 14 Dec 16:29

What's today about then?

User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:29

Hi this chat is now open. So..... how do you keep yourself save over the holidays?

SportyMonkey / 14 Dec 16:29

Would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit?

User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:29

Today's chat is about risky behaviours.

SportyMonkey / 14 Dec 16:30

Don't speak to strangers

JumpingBear / 14 Dec 16:31

don't drink lol

RadioactiveHedgehog / 14 Dec 16:32

Try to avoid drinking

SportyMonkey / 14 Dec 16:32

Be safe when crossing the road, cross at a zebra crossing or traffic light

JumpingBear SportyMonkey / 14 Dec 16:33

or when the green man shows

User has removed their details SportyMonkey / 14 Dec 16:36

Yes road safety is very important, espcially this time of year as its dark on the roads and pedestrians are hard to see. Be safe when your out and about. Always use road crossing and keep yourself safe.

JumpingBear / 14 Dec 16:33

nurse - tell us something?

User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:33

What do people think about peer pressure? Would you feel confident enough to saying NO if friends were putting pressure on you to do something you felt uncomfortable with?

RadioactiveHedgehog User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:35

Id try not to but i want to be cool

SportyMonkey User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:37

Don't do drugs!

JumpingBear / 14 Dec 16:35

How do I say no without sounding like i'm boring

JumpingBear / 14 Dec 16:37

If everyone saying one thing and i'm the opposite - i don't want to stand out

User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:38

Saying NO:

Its OK to say NO to peer pressure. Its important to protect yourself and look after your own health. What you have to think about is are you going to regret it later? If yes then don't do it. Yoou have look after youself. Drinking alcohol, smoking drugs, having unprotected sex are all forms of risky behaviours which can lead onto future problems.

RadioactiveHedgehog User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:41

But condoms take ages to put on. I dnt want to ruin the fun

SportyMonkey / 14 Dec 16:39

Stay away from drugs and alcohol, they are both bad for you!

JumpingBear / 14 Dec 16:40

what's the risks of unprotected sex?

SportyMonkey / 14 Dec 16:41

Don't get involved in criminal behaviour, don't take the risk and do anything stupid just because you are with your mates or someone, it's only going to end bad for you

User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:43

Drugs and Alcohol:

Drugs and alcohol both effect your actions which you may later regret. Taking drugs or drinking alcohol effect your inhibitions and you may end up doing something else you regret because your under the influence of a drug. Think about saying NO when offered drugs or alcohol to protect yourself. Have a look on: for more info.

SportyMonkey / 14 Dec 16:43

I try to stop and think of what can happen or go wrong in the long run future when i'm in a risky situation

User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:44

Risk of unprotected Sex:

The risk of having unportected sex is pregnancy and contracting a sexually transmitted infection. You have to think about the consquences, are you prepared to have treatment if contracted an STI? How would you feel if you or your partner fell pregnant?

User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:50

Looking after yourself:

If you ever feel uncomfortable in a situation its important to say NO and look after youself. It doesn't matter if you stand out, being individual is a good thing as it shows you are being responsible for your own actions.

User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:54

Staying safe online:

As its coming up to the christmas holidays and most people have internet access at home, it is important to protect youself when online. Think about who you are talking to, make sure it is a genuine person and someone you trust and know. If you are ever unsure, do not talk to someone you don't know. People can create fake accounts online. What would you do if someone befriended you on facebook who you didn't know?

SportyMonkey / 14 Dec 16:54

I tell my friends to try their best to avoid a risky situation in the first place

JumpingBear / 14 Dec 16:55

what's a clever way to avoid peer pressure

User has removed their details / 14 Dec 16:59

Avoiding peer pressure:

If you are going to a party and you know there are going to be drugs and alcohol there, it would be best to avoid the party in the first place. Think about risky situations and try to avoid them. Make sure your with someone you can trust and always tell someone where you are going. If friends are true friends and trusthworthy they won't put you in a situation where you feel peer pressured.

SportyMonkey / 14 Dec 17:00

How can I stay healthy during xmas.. I don't want to risk eating loads of junk..?

User has removed their details / 14 Dec 17:02

Staying healthy:

Christmas is an indulgent time and there are lots of treats and nice things to eat. Its hard to stay healthy but aim for your '5 A Day' of fruit and vegetables and do regular exercise and that should help you stay healthy.

User has removed their details / 14 Dec 17:04

Thanks everyone for taking part in today's chat. You all had some really good comments. Join us next week for part 2 of Risky behaviours.

This chat is now closed!

This chat is now closed, thanks for taking part.

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