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Web Chat: Protecting yourself online: Mon 4th Jan 4:30-5pm

Join us for a chat from 4:30pm on Monday 4th January 2016.

Social Media can be a part of our everyday lives. There are lots of stories out there about the risks of social media and these can be worrying. Worried about who you are talking to online, worried about posting something that you’ll regret.  Want to know who you should be chatting to and who you shouldn’t?

Join us for a chat on Monday 4th January 4:30pm – 5pm to get advice from a healthcare professional, connect with other young people, ask questions, find answers and discuss.

Remember all of the chats are completely anonymous, safe and secure, see our terms and conditions for more information.

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Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 16:30

Hi, welcome to todays chat.
This chat is about protecting yourself online. What types of things do people do to keep themselves safe online?

JumpingBear / 4 Jan 16:31


BlueOwl / 4 Jan 16:32

does this include like privacy settings on Facebook? how do these protect me online?

JumpingBear BlueOwl / 4 Jan 16:33

don't post things you don't want other people to see

JumpingBear / 4 Jan 16:32

should my tweets be private?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 16:34

Privacy settings
Yes these are a really important thing to update as they may not be automatically set to how you want them. You need to think about who you would want to see the things you post online.

BlueOwl / 4 Jan 16:35

I keep seein pictures of how a pictuyre can travel around the world,m is this actually teu or exagerated?

SportyMonkey / 4 Jan 16:36

Should I keep the same password for everything so it's easy to remember?

JumpingBear SportyMonkey / 4 Jan 16:37

no thats silly

JumpingBear / 4 Jan 16:36

random people keep adding me on instagram - I don't know who they are if there profile is on private

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 16:36

Private Tweets
Yes you can set your tweets as private and this will mean that you will be able to choose who see's your posts. However it is still important to think before you post anything as once you have posted something you really have no control over what someone else can potentially do with it.

SportyMonkey / 4 Jan 16:37

Some random person keeps poking me on Facebook, how do I make them stop? It's annoying now!

JumpingBear SportyMonkey / 4 Jan 16:38

Just block them?

SportyMonkey JumpingBear / 4 Jan 16:40

Good point!

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 16:39

You need to be really careful about what pictures you share online, once you have posted them - you do not know what someone else will do with pictures and where they will share it. You need to think very carefully about posting pictures online.

JumpingBear / 4 Jan 16:41

Someone screen shot my mates picture on snapshat and now she's really upset because it's being sent around school

BlueOwl JumpingBear / 4 Jan 16:42

By safe on the iinternet, do you mean safe as in myself or from viruses etc?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 16:43

Other people online
It is really important that you protect yourself online by knowing who you are talking to but also making sure you are still careful when you think you know who you are talking to as they may not be who they say they are. If you are experiencing someone trying to contact you and you do not know them/want them to then you will be able to report this to the provider of the service you are using.

SportyMonkey / 4 Jan 16:44

I want to buy tickets for an event I seen online, the person is asking me to transfer money online but I don't know the person, what do i do?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 16:44

It is a good idea to have different passwords for everything that you do, this makes it harder for someone else to be able to access your account

JumpingBear / 4 Jan 16:45

What do you do if your not sure who you're talking on facebook?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 16:46

Buying tickets online

You should only buy things online from reputable companies as you do not know who will be posting things and selling things that are not genuine.

BlueOwl / 4 Jan 16:46

what iof they're second hand?

JumpingBear / 4 Jan 16:48

If i post something on social media - will people be able to find out all the things i post?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 16:50

Talking to people online

You can never be sure who you are talking to online as people can easily set profiles up etc that are not really them. You need to be careful about not sharing personal information with people online as you need to keep yourself safe. If you are concerned about someone that is contacting you online you can block them from doing so and report them.

BlueOwl User has removed their details / 4 Jan 16:51

Ive seen this on Ctafish on MTV lol! its mad!

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 16:52

Posting online

Once something is posted online you then do not have any control over it. This is why you need to think really carefully before you do about what it is you are posting - would you want your parent/carer, grandma/grandad, teacher etc to see it?

JumpingBear User has removed their details / 4 Jan 16:55

I read somewhere that my profile will be wiped clean when i'm 16 - is this true?

SportyMonkey / 4 Jan 16:55

My family in India keep commenting on my facebook photos, every time I block one cousin, another one pops up! How do I make this stop???

JumpingBear SportyMonkey / 4 Jan 16:57

the struggle is real.

JumpingBear / 4 Jan 16:58

what's the best ways to delete your social media posts?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 16:58

Comments online

You need to make it clear that you do not want your family to contact you this way

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 17:00

Clearing profiles

You need to be aware that when you do post something this will be out there for anyone and everyone to see e.g future employers etc so if in doubt dont post.

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 17:02

Deleting posts

It is likely that even when deleted something may still have already been shared etc - so if in doubt do not post!

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 4 Jan 17:03

Thanks for taking part in todays chat, join us at 4:30pm next week (11th Jan) for our chat on Managing Stress.

This chat is now closed!

This chat is now closed, thanks for taking part.

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