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Web Chat: Need help with your sleep: Mon 25th Jan 4:30-5pm

Join us for a chat from 4:30pm on Monday 25th January 2016.

Struggle to get to sleep at night?  Is something keeping you awake? You wake up in the night and can’t get back off to sleep?  At times everyone struggles with sleep and it can feel like a vicious cycle!  Join this chat on Monday 25th January 4:30pm – 5pm to get advice from a healthcare professional, connect with other young people, ask questions, find answers and discuss.

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SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:15

What time does this start?

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:15

Is it today?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:23

Hello, Yes today's webchat is all about sleep due to start in 5 minutes!

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:27


SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:27

joke - get it.

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:28


Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:30

Hi everyone, thank you for joining the sleep webchat. How many hours sleep each night should a teenager have?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:33

Answer: 8 to 10 hours per night!

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:33

More than I get - I find it really hard to get to sleep. Some nights I get like three hours or something by the time I finally drop off. I was hoping to talk to someone about it. its not normal

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:35

you are not getting enough sleep, here are some things that may help:
1. go yo bed when you are sleepy
2. Keep your bedroom dark and quiet
3. Have a bedtime routine such as a warm bath or warm drink before bedtime

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:33

Are you getting enough sleep, if not how can you help yourself to sleep better?

BlueOwl / 25 Jan 16:34

i struggle to settle sometimes, what tips have u got to help me get sleepp?

SportyMonkey / 25 Jan 16:34

I don't think I'm getting enough sleep tbh

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:34

No! I dunno. I was hoping you could tell me?

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:34

No! I dunno. I was hoping you could tell me?

SportyMonkey / 25 Jan 16:35
This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn't adhere to our terms and conditions.
SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:35

I'd give that a try.

SportyMonkey / 25 Jan 16:35

I have proper insomnia at night time

SportyMonkey / 25 Jan 16:35

How can I help this?

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:36

Think I'd find it worse. the littlest thing can be really distracting.

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:36

Think I'd find it worse. the littlest thing can be really distracting.

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:37

I know now that if I'm on my tablet till really late then try and go to sleep straight after - its impossible.

BlueOwl / 25 Jan 16:37


Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:38

Some more tips:
Switch off your computer, mobile phone, TV one hour before bedtime - they give off blue light that tricks your brain into thinking it is daytime and thinks you should be awake

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:39

If I'm doing college work at home I have to stop at 9pm then watch some TV or I wont sleep. Is that why wathcing TV before bed doesn't keep me awake?

SportyMonkey / 25 Jan 16:39

I'm a very deep sleeper, I struggle a lot to wake up in the mornings, I can't even hear my alarms. What can I do to help? I've tried sleeping earlier and later but this doesn't seem to make a difference...

BlueOwl SportyMonkey / 25 Jan 16:39

you're just lazy

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) SportyMonkey / 25 Jan 16:42

It is normal to be a deep sleeper, but it is important that you have a bedtime routine that you stick to even at weekends so that means sticking to the same bedtime and wake up time. That may mean setting more than one alarm!

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:39

No blue light in TV

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:39

If you worry before sleeping, write these thoughts down so that you can look at them the next day and share them with your parents, friends, teachers or school nurse.

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:40

My problems more getting off to sleep. Its like I cant switch my mind off. I'm not worrying about stuff - I haven't got any worries really. But my minds just keeps whirring over and over and over and over about something silly usually ...

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:43

Give yourself 30 minutes of quiet time before getting into bed, read, relax or just close your eyes.

BlueOwl / 25 Jan 16:42

Can i have sleeping tablets? are they ok?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) BlueOwl / 25 Jan 16:46

You need to try our tips to help improve your sleep first, but if this is a persistent problem then it would be good to make an appointment with your GP.

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:43

If I do something repetitive before bed - its even worse. Like some repetitive game on my iPad - then it just goes over and over and over in my head and I cant sleep.

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:45

An hour before bed stop working on your computer or playing games to allow your brain to relax and switch off before trying to sleep.

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:46

Someone told me if I cant sleep just get up instead of just laying there - that works quite well cos I get really agitated lying in bed.

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:47

Once u start getting agitated u got no chance of getting to sleep. or worse - u got toooooo HOT.

BlueOwl / 25 Jan 16:48

Has anyone ever had sleep[ paralysis? thats scary!

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:48

Yes getting up and doing something relaxing like reading or getting yourself a warm drink (avoid caffeine such as tea, coffee, coca cola) may help

SoaringHuman / 25 Jan 16:49

Yeah! I think I've had it. I was dreaming that I couldn't move my arms and was getting really frustrated. I woke up and relealised I was lying on them.

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:51

Sleep paralysis is more common in people who are sleep deprived, so getting enough sleep may help to reduce the number of episodes of sleep paralysis you have.

SportyMonkey / 25 Jan 16:51

I've found what helps me to fall asleep quicker is thinking of a peaceful scenery, or somewhere I'd want to be.. helps my mind drift off quicker

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) SportyMonkey / 25 Jan 16:53

Yes that is a good idea, sometimes called visualisation.

BlueOwl / 25 Jan 16:52

I think you can bring sleep paralysis on yourself by resisting itches and not moving but not falling asleep! i am no way doing that though! lol

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:52

If the sleep paralysis is ongoing then it would be good to talk to your GP.

SportyMonkey / 25 Jan 16:52

You could try counting, as the myth goes, but it's probably the boredom which will put you to sleep

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:55

Another tip for good sleep is to exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 times per week, but not 2 hours before you want to go to sleep as this may keep you awake!

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:56

Hi All, just to let you know this chat will be closing in 5 minutes!

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:58

Relaxation techniques can help too such as breathing exercises and tensing and relaxing muscles. Lots of information on relaxation techniques can be found on the internet.

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 16:59

Getting a good nights sleep helps to regulate your moods, improves you ability to learn, improves memory and motivation.

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 25 Jan 17:00

Time to say goodnight, sleep well and thank you for joining in this chat.

SportyMonkey / 25 Jan 17:00

Some great stuff to take away here! Thanks for the advice, sleep well!

This chat is now closed!

This chat is now closed, thanks for taking part.

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