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Web Chat: Managing Stress: Mon 11th Jan 4:30-5pm

Join us for a chat from 4:30pm on Monday 11th January 2016.

Stress can creep up on you in a number of ways!  There are alot things that you can do to help with stress. If you want to find out how you can manage things when you are feeling stressed?

Join us for a chat on Monday 11th January 4:30pm – 5pm to get advice from a healthcare professional, connect with other young people, ask questions, find answers and discuss.

Remember all of the chats are completely anonymous, safe and secure, see our terms and conditions for more information.

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JumpingBear / 11 Jan 16:28

has this started?

BlueOwl / 11 Jan 16:31

can anybvody feel stressed? my dad has been off work with stress before but i dont really understand it? is it similair to being upset?

User has removed their details / 11 Jan 16:32

Hi everyone, this chat is now open. Today's topic is managing stress. Can anyone tell me how people manage their stress?

JumpingBear / 11 Jan 16:33

i'm so stressed - exams stress me out, coursework stresses me sometimes i feel like i can't cope

SnoringDinosaur / 11 Jan 16:33

I eat lots of food!

JumpingBear / 11 Jan 16:33

what do you do when you have so many deadlines

SnoringDinosaur / 11 Jan 16:34

Why do they try to make us kids so unhappy? Nobody wants to do exams

User has removed their details / 11 Jan 16:35

Stress can effect anybody at any time in their life. Stress can be caused by all kinds of different things such as school, work, family life, friendship difficulties, bereavements and many more.

YawningHorse / 11 Jan 16:36

what's the best way to manage it

User has removed their details / 11 Jan 16:37

What to do when you are feeling stressed:
- Talk to someone you can trust and let them know how you feel.
- Eat well, feel better
- Take time out
- Belive in yourself.
- Exercise regulary as this will help to realse endorphines and will increase your moods.
- Ask for help, don't be alone.

BlueOwl User has removed their details / 11 Jan 16:40

what if sometime you cant take time out?

YawningHorse / 11 Jan 16:38

any other ways?

SportyMonkey / 11 Jan 16:39

Listen to music?

SportyMonkey / 11 Jan 16:40

Take slow deep breaths, helps to relax when i'm stressed

User has removed their details / 11 Jan 16:40

Top tips on how to relax:
- Doing a fun activity
- Excerise that increases your heart rate
- Walking
- Having a hot bath
- Listening to calming music
- Reading a book

YawningHorse / 11 Jan 16:43

I can't sleep at night if i'm stressed - whats the best way

SportyMonkey YawningHorse / 11 Jan 16:48

Try counting? I've heard it helps people fall asleep faster...
It could be because it's boring though

SportyMonkey / 11 Jan 16:44

Going for a walk in nature?

User has removed their details / 11 Jan 16:44

Managing your time:
Managing your time is a skill which takes a while to develop but is so important to do. Its important to give yourself time out when revising or feeling stressed so that you can take a moment to unwind.

YawningHorse User has removed their details / 11 Jan 16:46

it's harder doing because there's so much to do

BlueOwl / 11 Jan 16:46

are some people more vuulnerable to stresS?

User has removed their details / 11 Jan 16:47

Stress can impact upon your sleep as it often prevents people from sleeping properly at night. Its important to have a bedtime routine, avoid electonics 1-2 hours before bed as this will stimulate your brain, make sure your room is dark and quiet and you have a comfortable bed. Also avoid caffeine drinks.
8-9 hours of sleep is the recommended allowance.

YawningHorse / 11 Jan 16:48

i get panicy when i have coursework to give - is this because i'm stressed

User has removed their details YawningHorse / 11 Jan 16:53

Panicking when course work is due in or before a test/ exam is a normal feeling as it means you care about your work. Some level of stress can be healthy and positive. However if you start to feel your stress is impacting on your everyday life such as sleep, eating, socialising then this is an unhealthy level of stress.

User has removed their details / 11 Jan 16:50

Exam stress:
Organise yourself, Keep ontop of your goals, set achievable deadlines and plan ahead and take control. Make sure you have time for exam revision/ course work etc but also time for fun. Lifes about having a balance, so spread your time wisely; school, homework revision, family, friends and chill out time.

JumpingBear / 11 Jan 16:54

What happens when you stress eat?

User has removed their details JumpingBear / 11 Jan 16:56

Its very common for people to stress eat, however long term this is not a healthy option and you should consider alternatives such as exercise, talking to someone, calming yourself down.

SportyMonkey / 11 Jan 16:55

and then you get more stressed

JumpingBear / 11 Jan 16:55

how do you stop stress eating? Junk food tastes better. why?

SportyMonkey JumpingBear / 11 Jan 17:00

You can stop something when you start something new to break the habit.. try eating fruits?

User has removed their details JumpingBear / 11 Jan 17:02

Try to do alternative activites such as watch a film, go for a walk, talk to a friend or family member. As we know junk food is unhealthy for our bodies and when feeling stressed its important to eat healthy foods to give us the right energy we need. Junk food can cause spots and make you feel sluggish, therefore will not help with stress.

BlueOwl / 11 Jan 16:56


SportyMonkey / 11 Jan 16:56


BlueOwl / 11 Jan 16:56

all aboard the banter bus choo choo

User has removed their details / 11 Jan 17:02

Thanks everyone for taking part in today's chat. This chat is now closed.

This chat is now closed!

This chat is now closed, thanks for taking part.

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