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Web Chat: Staying Safe Online: Mon 5th Oct 4:30-5pm

Join us for a chat from 4:30pm on Monday 5th October 2015.

Everyone connects using social networking, there are so many different ways to do this.  Join us for a chat on Monday 5th October 4:30pm-5pm and connect with other young people, ask questions and find answers and discuss.

In order to post in our chat section you'll need to login or register some details first. Don't worry we wont display any personal information on the site, and you can choose an anonymous username.
YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:30


Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:30

Hello, today's chat is now open

YawningHorse Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:34

I think it's always good to keep personal stuff private

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:31

How can you help?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:32

Today's chat is all about internet safety. What would like to chat about?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:33

Do you know the steps to take to keep yourself safe online?

SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 15:34

How does social networking affect me? I speak with my friends etc but are their any dangers with social networking?

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:36

Keep passwords private I guess?!

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:36

You should never speak with strangers

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:37

I agree with #YawningHorse
My password is ******

SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 15:37

I keep my password private, though don't you find some random people add you sometimes? is this normal or am i the only one who gets random adds and notifications?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:38

Here are 5 top tips to keeping yourself safe online:
1. Know who you are talking to
2.Be careful what you share online, once your information is out there you have lost control of it
3. Make sure you look at your privacy settings
4. Know how to report any concerns
5. Know how to get help

You always have to be aware of what you are posting and to who.
Who would you talk to if you had a concern?

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:39

#SmilingKitten Yes I get them all the time - sometimes I wonder how they can find me? Is this normal? Even if you have you mutual friends on facebook?!

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:39

Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter?

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:40

it depends.. i like twitter because it's quick. But everyone has facebook. What do you prefer?

SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 15:40

I'm unsure who to talk to? my class tutor i guess? i don't think i would ask my parents, they dont go on facebook and twitter! I've seen the tv programme catfish, does that stuff actually happen?

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:41

I always get random girls adding me, but I'm never sure if I should message them or not.. What would you do If you were in my place?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:41

Do you think people usually check their privacy settings and change them to protect themselves?

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:41

Omg me to, it's a really good show! It really makes you think that you don't who is on the other side!

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:42

YawningHorse - I prefer Twitter too!

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:42

I don't they think do - not all the time.

SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 15:43

I'm unsure of my privacy settings, are they automatically sorted or do i have to set it up?

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:43

Stunned Dinasaur what's your advice on keeping safe on twitter?

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:44

Anyone still use MSN??? You have to be carefull with the meesnger I think.. Sometimes you don't know who is behind the computer screen... they may even be using the name of someone you know

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:45

Thank you Stunned Dinosuar that is a really good point, sometimes people will say they are someone that they are not.

SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 15:46

Stunned dinosaur i don't use Msn anymore, i used to though! i prefer twitter to but still use Facebook!

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:47

What are your thoughts on snapchat?

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:47


Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:47

Each different social networking site will have different privacy settings. It is always good to check these as they are not always set to high privacy and you are able to change to this yourself

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:48

What do you do if someone takes a screen shot of your snapchat?

SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 15:48

Snapchats good, i also like instagram!

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:48

You need to be careful what you share on snapchat, think before you snap. Don't forget, once someone has screenshot your picture, they can use it when, where and how they wish to

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:49

YawningHorse - personally.. I would screenshot them back!!

Then maybe snapchat them later...

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:51

What do you mean by "screen shot them back"?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:49

Brilliant advice stunned dinosaur!!

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:51

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) - Thank you.. Feel free to snapchat me anytime xo

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:51

What if by accident I send a snapchat to my storyboard instead of just my friend?

SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 15:52

Delete iut quickly!

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:52

but people might still see it?

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:53

YawningHorse -
1) I would delete it as soon as I notice it
2) I may even be inclined to put a snap up saying, "Sorry, wasn't supposed to go on" or something along them lines

SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 15:53

Youve got to be careful, once its sent theres nothing you can do except delete and hope nobody has xseen it! also hope it isn't embarrassing!!!

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:53

Delete it!

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:54

That's a good idea. I think I'm going to make sure I check before I snap.

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:55

What do you think about instagram and people seeing it?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:55

That' s why it is so important to think before you post anything online. If you don't want your grandparent to see it etc don't post it!!

SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 15:56

yes do check bedfore you snap!

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:57

3 minutes to go until the end of this chat.

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 15:58

So what have we learnt from today? Make sure everything's private that you don't want anyone else to see!

SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 15:58

I will be looking to get my first job in the future, will they check my profile's to see my character or am i worrying over nothing??

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:58

Had to a great time chatting to all of you strangers..

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 15:59

Wherever or whatever you post online remember to think first about the possible consequences of doing this. Don't leave yourself vulnerable, make sure you know who you are talking to and chat in a safe environment.

SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 15:59

I'm going to look at my settings and make sure they are proivate! thanks everyone :)

StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 15:59

Nurse Moderator - inbox me, I have an important question

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) StunnedDinosaur / 5 Oct 16:02

Sorry it is not possible to inbox you privately. If you would like to have further discussions this can be accessed via an appointment or drop in with your school nurse or by texting the school nurse messaging service.

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 16:00


SmilingKitten / 5 Oct 16:00

Stunned dinosaur - there is no inbox hahahaha

YawningHorse / 5 Oct 16:01

What's next?

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 16:03

Thank you all for your comments. Next weeks chat is about bullying, join us next Monday 12 October at 4.30pm until 5pm.

Chat Health (Nurse - Moderator) / 5 Oct 16:19

This chat is now closed, thanks for taking part.

Should you need anymore information on this topic, then have a look at:

Alternatively you could speak to your parent/carer, a trusted adult, member of school staff, your school nurse or doctor. If there is an emergency then please contact 999 or visit A&E.

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This chat is now closed!

This chat is now closed, thanks for taking part.

Should you need anymore information on this topic, then have a look at:

Alternatively you could speak to your parent/carer, a trusted adult, member of school staff, your school nurse or doctor.  If there is an emergency then please contact 999 or visit A&E.

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