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LGBT webchat: 05.06.17 4.30-5pm

Join us for a chat from 4:30pm on Monday 5th June 2017.

Join us online for our webchat on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) on Monday 5th May at 4.30-5pm. Chat to a LGBT professional, find out ways to get support and join in the chat to support others.

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sarahtebbett / 5 Jun 16:31

Welcome to this afternoons chat. Today we are talking about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues. We have Lisa and Beck from the Leicester LGBT Centre with us today to answer your questions

sarahtebbett / 5 Jun 16:31

Welcome to this afternoons chat. Today we are talking about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues. We have Lisa and Beck from the Leicester LGBT Centre with us today to answer your questions

sarahtebbett / 5 Jun 16:37

Some people say that LGBT people have it easy these days, compared to how things used to be. People even say it is a trend. Do you think that's true?

sarahtebbett / 5 Jun 16:42

As people who work at the LGBT Centre, we see a lot of evidence that this isn't true. Young LGBT people face a whole lot of challenges around coming out to friends and family, bullying, homelessness and mental health and well-being. But that's where our youth groups come in! As youth workers at the LGBT Centre we are here for the next 20 minutes to answer any of your questions.

sarahtebbett / 5 Jun 16:48

Being LGBT isn't a trend. Who you fancy and love and/or how you feel about your gender is something only you can know and no-one can take that away from you. It is only one part of everything that makes you you.

sarahtebbett / 5 Jun 16:49

All this talk of LGBT...what does it really mean?

sarahtebbett / 5 Jun 16:54

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender. However it's important to remember that lesbian, gay and bi-sexual are about who you fancy or love. Some people call this sexual orientation.

Transgender is an umbrella term for people who don't feel the gender they were assigned at birth matches with how they feel inside.

Transgender people can be straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or even a-sexual! There is a definite difference between gender identity and who you are attracted to!

sarahtebbett / 5 Jun 16:56

Something that adults often say or ask is whether young people are too young to know they are transgender. Is this a myth?

sarahtebbett / 5 Jun 17:02

YES! This is most definitely a myth. Most transgender adults report knowing at a young age and for many wish they had told somebody sooner or felt able to come out sooner. Young transgender people can go to a gender identity clinic if they'd like to see gender specialists too.

In fact, there is no set age where transgender people come out. We think that it is important that young people of any age feel able to be themselves and access support if they need to.

sarahtebbett / 5 Jun 17:09

We've almost run out of time and there is so much more we'd love to say!

If you are young person who is LGBT the other thing we'd like to say is that there is a thriving community out there - even if it doesn't always feel like it. As well as all the prides including trans prides the services here at the LGBT Centre give LGBT young people the chance to make friends, socialise, have fun and access support in many different areas.

If you'd like some support or want to know more get in touch with Lisa or Beck and have a look at the LGBT Centre website and the Young Transgender Centre of Excellence website.

We also have youth groups for Transgender young people 'The T Party' and LGBT young people 'First Out' - both of which are for 13-18 year olds. For those who are 18-30 years old we have 'Misfits'.

Search for us on Twitter, Facebook or get in touch using the website!

Thanks for having us - Lisa and Beck :)

This chat is now closed!

This chat is now closed, thanks for taking part.

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