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Web Chat: Healthy Relationships: Mon 16th Nov 4:30-5pm

Join us for a chat from 4:30pm on Monday 16th November 2015.

So what is a ‘normal’ relationship.  What’s ok and what’s not?  Should I have to respond to their texts straight away?  Is it ok to get bombarded with lots of texts all of the time?  Can I see my friends and still be in a relationship?  Can I be open and honest about how I feel?  Join us for a chat on Monday 16th November 4:30pm – 5pm and connect with other young people, ask questions, find answers and discuss.

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User has removed their details / 16 Nov 16:29

Hi this chat is now open.

SmilingHedgehog User has removed their details / 16 Nov 16:32

Hey. How do you know if she is just playing hard to get?

User has removed their details SmilingHedgehog / 16 Nov 16:39

Sometimes people play games with emotions but they might not always realise the effect it has on others. Sitting down and having a good chat with them is always a good idea so you both understand how you are feeling.

User has removed their details / 16 Nov 16:31

What do you think are the good or bad points about relationships?

JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:32

I don't like it when someone is too needy

User has removed their details JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:34

People display their emotions in different ways, sometimes that doesn't feel comfortable for us and you may need to speak to them about this.

SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:33

Trust, loyalty, having that friendship between both

User has removed their details SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:36

Yeh that sounds good. Trust and loyalty are really important in a relationship.

JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:33

My boyfriend gets really jelous

User has removed their details JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:40

If there is good trust in your relationship there should be no need for jealously. Have you tried speaking to him about how it makes you feel?

JumpingBear User has removed their details / 16 Nov 16:42

I think i need to make him understand my point.

SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:34

I guess a relationship being healthy is individual to each one, purely because all couples will have differing views on what is healthy for them

JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:36

Is being too needy and jelous the same thing?

SportyMonkey JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:39

Being needy shows sign of selfishness I think.. Being selfless in a relationship is very important... whereas being jealous of other members of the same sex shows that your partner does not want to lose you

JumpingBear SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:40

jelous is like over the top - i have a lot of male friends and it's getting a bit too much now.

SportyMonkey JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:45

A hint of jealousy is attractive.. if it is too over the top I guess it is uncalled for. I think partners need to understand the fine line between having friends and being with someone and maybe just relax a little

User has removed their details SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:50

Jealously is not a good trait in a relationship. Its important to value one another and have trust. If you or your partner start to become jealous this could be a sign of lack of trust.

SportyMonkey User has removed their details / 16 Nov 17:01

Agreed, I think Jealousy was the wrong word here... maybe more along the lines of protective and caring would fit in

SmilingHedgehog SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:44

Both related to being insecure. Being jealous is selfish and not wanting the person you are with to be happy unless they are with you. Being needy is a sign that you rely on someone too much for your own happiness.

SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:37

Honesty, compromise, consistency, sharing hobbies, reliability, respect, love, privacy..
All traits of a healthy relationship

User has removed their details SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:42

Thats really good to hear, your so right, these are the things which are healthy in relationships.

SmilingHedgehog / 16 Nov 16:38

Friendship and knowing they've always got your back.

User has removed their details SmilingHedgehog / 16 Nov 16:47

Yeh this is good, its important to to be friends in a relationship and make sure you trust one another.

SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:42

It might be easier sometimes to identify the signs of an "Unhealthy relationship" instead... this can include distancing yourself from friends and family, losing motivation in your day-to-day activities, losing interest in your hobbies, fear, arguments, losing the respect and trust you had in the first place etc

JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:43

unhealthy is basically when you stop feeling happy for a long time and when unhappiness takes over it.

User has removed their details JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:45

It is important to be happy in a relationship, relationships are not always perfect and they can have their ups and downs, however being happy and confident in yourself is important.

JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:46

do you think we need jealousy in relationships?

User has removed their details JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:55

No as jealously can cause friction in relationships causing it to be unhealthy. If someone starts to become jealous they are loosing trust in the relationship. It is important to value each other in a relationship.

JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:51

Is it ok to tell a friend the person they're with might not be right for them?

SportyMonkey JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:53

I think it is, if you are look out for your friend in their best interest. If they want to take your advice and share the same perspective, it is up to them. The most you can do is share your opinion and hope the best for them...

User has removed their details JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:58

Yes i would agree, if you are worried about a friend it might be worth speaking with a parent/ teacher/ school nurse about your worries. If this is a genuine worry then telling your friend is important as it shows you care but you have to be sensitive about this.

SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:53
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JumpingBear SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:54


JumpingBear / 16 Nov 16:53

sometimes I feel like it gets in between our friendship.But thanks

SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:58

sharing the same goals is a sign of a healthy relationship, having the same vision as your partner is very important for long term

SportyMonkey SportyMonkey / 16 Nov 16:59

Even if you don't share the same vision, having that understanding and respect for each other is important in that case

SmilingHedgehog / 16 Nov 17:00

Loyalty and not having relationships with other people all the time

User has removed their details SmilingHedgehog / 16 Nov 17:02

Yeh your right, a healthy relationship means you stay loyal to one person and do not have other relationships during that time. Its still very important to have friendships as well as a relationship. Sometimes people get caught up in a relationship and can forget about their friends.

User has removed their details / 16 Nov 17:05

Thanks for all your input today, that was a really good chat. You all had some really useful things to say. The top signs of a healthy relationship are: Trust, Fun, Caring, Loyal, respect, happy, inclusive, supportive, honesty and having good communication. Please join us again next week for our chat on nutrition and diet, same time next week.

This chat is now closed!

This chat is now closed, thanks for taking part.

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