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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for ChatHealth Web Chats

  • Disclosure of Harm – please be aware that if you tell us or indicate to us that you may be at risk of harm the School Nurse facilitating the web chat has a duty of care to escalate their concerns and pass the appropriate information onto third party organisations, which could mean contacting the police to ensure your safety.
  • Profile – your profile will always appear hidden from other public users of the ChatHealth web chats. In most situations your profile will not be looked at by a School Nurse so you can remain anonymous. However, if we are worried about the safety of you or someone else then the School Nurse will be able to gain access to the details on your profile.
  • Disclosure of Personal/Confidential Information – please do not disclose any personal information via the web chat about yourself or anyone else. For example name, address, date of birth or school etc.
  • School Nurse Referral – the ChatHealth web chats are not a way to request a face to face appointment with your School Nurse. You can request an appointment by messaging a School Nurse on 07520 615387 if you go to school in Leicestershire County/Rutland or if you go to school in Leicester City on 07520 615386. Alternatively you can ask for an appointment to see your School Nurse through a member of school staff.
  • Opening Hours – The ChatHealth web chats are live between 4:30-5pm every Monday. Outside of this time you cannot post on a web chat but you will still be able to read posts from previous chats. Any comments posted during the web chats will remain within the archived threads for others to see after the chat has finished.
  • Inappropriate Comments – Inappropriate comments will be actively removed.

By ticking you agree to our terms and conditions you are agreeing with the above and need to follow these at all times and participate responsibility. If you need to help/support outside of the web chat times then please speak to a trusted adult, parent/carer, teacher or GP. If it is an emergency please contact 999.