Returning to school

School nurses can offer you advice and support as you return to school during the Covid pandemic.

Some of you may be moving from primary to secondary school.  This is an exciting time in your life as you move on to the next chapter, however it can feel like a scary time too and some common worries include getting lost, losing old friends, homework, being bullied and detentions. Most children feel excited, nervous, or scared about the change but it is important to remember these are completely normal feelings. Most of you will adapt to the change however some of you may need some extra support. If you do there are some links below for further advice.

And some of you may be going back to school for the first time during the Covid pandemic. This may also leave you with a mixture of emotions. These may include feeling excited, happy, worried or scared. These feelings are again completely normal so try not to put too much pressure on you. There will be some ups and downs. Talk about how you are feeling with family and friends, you are not alone and most people will have similar thoughts. It is important to re-establish routines as this will help with the transition back to school life. Help keep yourself safe by washing hands regularly and also before and after meals.


Here are some places where you can get further help and advice:

  • Visit Young Minds for some top tips on how to look after yourself
  • Visit the Mental Health Foundation for some top tips on coping with Coronavirus
  • If you would like to talk to a school nurse about your health, if you are worried about something or you think you should be having some extra support in school  you can contact a school nurse using the confidential ChatHealth text messaging service Monday to Friday 9am-4pm, including school holidays on 07507 330 205 or access online counselling from Kooth.