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Drugs: The Facts

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This page contains sensitive material which should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 16.

This page contains sensitive material which should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 16.


There are lots of drugs that are a risk to young people.  Drugs are available in many forms and have lots of different names but they can all have serious effects on your health.

Legal Highs

Also known as meow, meow or spice.  Legal highs have been illegal since May 2016.  These drugs can make you more energetic or can make you sleepy and can make you hallucinate.  The health risks are not well known but they can cause seizures (fits), paranoia (where you don’t trust those around you) or even death.


Also known as hash, weed, grass or marijuana.  Cannabis is a calming drug that is usually smoked but can be eaten with food.  It can make you feel relaxed but may also make you sleepy, anxious or paranoid.  Cannabis can make concentration difficult and has been linked to mental health problems.


Also known as coke or crack.  Cocaine is a powerful drug that makes you feel happy and wide awake.  Effects are short lived and you can feel sad and unwell afterwards.  It is possible to die from taking cocaine and it is a highly addictive drug.


Also known as MDMA or E.  Ecstasy is a drug usually found in tablet form.  It can make you feel alert and chatty but can also make you feel anxious and paranoid.  It has been linked with depression and memory problems.  Ecstasy can affect your body’s temperature control causing you to become too hot and get dehydrated.  Ecstasy can be addictive.

These are just a few of the drugs that may be available.  Have a look at FRANK for all the information around drugs, the effects of taking drugs and the risks.

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